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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Make Money Offline selling Casual Wears

Making money offline is as easy as making it anywhere else all you need is to make use of your Head. Cloth business is a good business, you get paid instantly in cash doing it and it doesn't distract you as a student or a worker because you can choose to do it at your own time.
What are Casual Wears?
Fashion with changing time has categorized itself into various categories from Casual wears, Ethnic wears, Formal Wear, Contemporary wear,Designer wear, etc. Casual wear is the dress code that which emphasizes comfort and personal expression.

Demand for Casual Wear...
One basic need of human is clothing so as long as humans exists there will always be a need for casual wear. The demand for casual wears cuts across the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Every one ones to look simple but trendy, these wears can be worn at home, to outings, Church etc.

Types of Casual Wears:
Male: Some samples of casual wears for men include Shirts(Polo, T-shirts, Short sleeves) face caps,Vest, boxers,jeans etc.
Females: Skirts,Blouse,Gown, jeans, slippers,etc
  Starting the business
If you want to start this business, you must determine which business model fits you. There are 3 models to choose from first is to start operating via a shop, Second is Mobile Marketing, Taking your goods from place to place like Offices, church, Banks. Thirdly is to get a Car, Fill the boot with your goods, position yourself where you have human traffic.
Once you have decided which model you want to operate in, the next step is to make a list of the kind of casual wears you want too go into, you can decide to only sell just men stuffs or women only or you can also decide to make a mix gender sale.

Benefits of starting the business...
What are the benefits of starting a  Casual wear business?
It is easy to start
It doesn't need a heavy start up Capital: as you can determine how much you want to start with.
It doesn't clash with your other activites as you can decide to make it a part time or full time job.

 Where to buy in Wholesale
This is a business where you buy cheap as a wholesaler and resell for a good margin in retail. You can buy them from importers based in Lagos island, International trade fair complex Lagos, there are those who order for wholesale casual wears from online stores and they get them delivered to there doorstep.

 How much Capital is required to start up this business?

Your start up capital is dependent on the model you choose to operate in, but if you choose to market your goods by moving from place to place then a start up capital ranging from  #5000 - #10,000 could work something out.
                                                Challenges to watch out for
As we do know everything has its own challenges and this business model may not be left out
Installment Buyers
Difficult customers
Factory Defect Products

                                                         Profit Potential
You can get female casual wears at a wholesale price of between #700-#800. Then you resell for as much as #1,300 -#1,500. Same goes for the male casuals in most cases.You can also get quality foot wares too at a cheap rate.

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