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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

How to open and fund a Liberty reserve account.

Liberty Reserve is one of the wide ranged online banks, it doesn't restrict some countries as paypal does it is very flexible to operate. In this post i will be guiding you through the process of opening the account within the next few mins of your time.
      To open a Liberty Reserve account you must have a valid email address that would be used for registration because your account information and other notifications would be sent via the email address. With a valid email address visit Liberty Reserve.
 once the site opens click on create account at the top of the page once that has been clicked on a page comes up demanding for your details which you must provide. Once the information has been entered successfully and clicking on the agree button the next page that will open will require you to log into the account to complete the registration process.
TIP: Copy down or print the information given as you will need it to always log into your account.

After successfully creating your account you have to proceed to funding it, funding your newly opened account can be done via one of the online sites which offers this services i will be telling you in the next few minutes how to fund your account via Nigeria Gold

 Visit the site and click on Buy and sell Liberty reserve tab. Once that has been done a page pops up showing you the requirements to get the account funded, you have to provide the required items while funding the account so make sure you have them close by. If you do have them now proceed to the Buy Liberty Reserve section below the page and click, fill in the require information and click on the send button below the page after sending the information a list of banks and account numbers will be shown alongside their pricing where you have to choose from.
Before i forget they charge #170 to $1. After paying come back to the page where you filled the info and notify them of the payments made.
NOTE: The teller number will be require in this section.

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