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Offline Tips

                      How to make money Offline as a Student and a youth.
As it is Know that most Nigerians are not patient enough to make money online and there is a serious issue of trust between the average African man, always thinking that he has been scammed. Here are some Offline tips that may help you make the money you desire before the end of the year.

                             Here are some Offline Money Making Tips For you            
(I am only gonna give you the idea but not neccessarily how to go about it)
1. Car Wash
As a young boy, a University student, graduate or who ever you are have you ever considered starting a car wash?   Car Wash is a very good one for those who know what i am talking about, starting a car wash is as easy as starting a phone boot. I can not say perodically how much you can make from your car wash biz but i think you can make quite a tangible amount in a day if you are serious with it, the type of services you offer.

                                    Things to consider when starting a car wash
Location: You need to choose a seren environment for this biz, it should be visible to motorists and supports your kind of bizness.( A main road that is close to a bar is advisible)

Type: You have to consider the type of car wash you want to start, wheter a self service car wash or in-bay automatic, which can either be friction automatics or touch free automatics.

Equipment: The choice of equipment depends on the type of services you want to operate. If you go for a self service then you do not really need much equipments conparedd to the others.

Capital: Your capital goes a long way to get your bizness started.

2. PhotographyThis is another income generator in this present time. An average photographer makes at least #15,000 in every wedding covered, #8,000 in every Birthday covered and many others.
                                            Advantages of this Biz Model
*It has no potential to disturb your Education as a Student
*It is very Stress free
*You operate as a Big Boy as all you need do is distribute your cards and when ever you are needed, you are called upon while you go about other Biz.
*The only capital you need is your Money for camera(if you are a student Photographer) but a full timer would maybe need a Studio.
* Many more
                          What you have to do to get Customers
I would come to you or call you if you make me look beautiful no matter that i am Ugly
* I would come to you if you make a guy complement my Pix and i am proud to put it on Facebook
*If the pixs you take me are Long Lasting.

3. Provide E-services:
The world today is going E-crazy. Providing services like Bulk Sms, Designing a website,E-portal services and much like this kind.

4. Organizing Free Seminars:
 If you have a good knowledge that you could pass one to people, why not organize a free seminar in your area. People of today especially Nigerians Like FREE things, So organizing a free seminar is a good idea to make money.
SUPRISED!!! I said its a free seminar so how the hell are you gonna make money from a FREE seminar. Sure you can make money from it.You can get details in my Ebook(get details below).

5. Tutorials
With so many people failing Waec, Neco, JAMB, etc. You can plan tutorials for about to write candidates with the aid of basically past questions you should attract people. Because statistics shows that from every gathering of youths aged 18-25. 8 out of 10 are Jambites.
Tutorials in universites is another way to get some cool cash in your pocket. If you are good at a course why not offer tutorials for students especially year 1. Most students find it difficult to pass Chem 130.1, Chem 132.2, Chem 131.2. So why not go the extra mile read up these courses and offer tutorials where you can give them tips on how to make at least a C in such a course. There you can sell compiled past questions, text books and much more. This one pays much money, i can tell you because i am an Undergraduate and i offer tutorials in School.

6. A Cyber Cafe.
With the increasing rate of internet users, a cyber cafe would be another nice option to make cool cash. A statsitics shows that 90 million people uses the internet  in Nigeria. Now lets say out of 90 million a 100,000 people uses this service in your area and in a day 10,000 people uses the internet. Think of how much you can make a day.
Especially if you are a student, students uses the internet cafe almost everyday some applies for Scholarships, Facebook, Dating websites and many more. A student knows the importance of a Cyber cafe more than anybody else on the earth. So if you open a cafe close to a school area then you are good to go with nothing less than 20k a day.
                                             Start up Capital
This may be quite expensive depending on some factors like Location, What Modem you want to use for your connection and the person you hire to do the WLAN connection.
But i have found a way for Students to start up this Biz without much sweat but you have to sweat though.

To get gist about how to start a Cyber Cafe you can contact me for info.

6. Design Clothes
You do not need to be a tailor to make this work. With students wanting to make special write ups at the back of their shirts, Jersey and many more. You can tell some of your friends you are into stuffs like this and whenever some one brings a shirt to you, you can take it to a trusted tailor or designer to incript whatever they want on the shirts. You only have to make an aggrement with the tailor about a percent for whatever shirt you bring to him.

7. Laptop and Phone ConfigirationsYou can start something like this without any startup capital. You do not need One naira to start this kind of bizness. you cofigure a Laptop to browse free and you charge your client nothing less than #1,500. Students and lots of youth likes this kind of stuffs.You can also make money by configuring phones and Laptops to browse free, Battery to last long, Upgrade the graphics of the Laptop, Upgrade the Operating System.

8. Unlock Modem,Iphones and other smartphones
Offering this kind of services is another money pump system as many people enjoy using unlocked phones
and Modems. You do not need any Capital to start this kind of biz.

9. Buy Printing Recharge Cards.
Printing and selling of recharge cards is another good and stressfree bizness model for intended money makers. You can get a full detail about this in th Book below.

I have compiled a book titled "Make Money as a Youth/Student"

In this book i have listed 35 bizness ideas to start as a Student or Youth and make money without stress without detailed info about each and every bizness model. I have also made available refrences to which you can broaden your knownledge about your selsected bizness model and i have also estimated the start up capital for each bizness model.
NOTE: Some do not need ant start up capital, i have explained in the book how you can start this special bizness without any capital and still make good cash from it. I have outlined a step by step tutorial on how to get started for every bizness model.

                            What you get when you buy this book
When you purchase this book you do not only get the powerful info to make money with but you have a direct contact to me as to explaine whatever you do not understand. You can also have also have detailed info about biznes that have succeded in your field of choice.

One Love....