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Unlock Modems

Unlock Modems: Unlock your 3g modems here to accept all Network sim.

Do you have a huawei modem that accepts just the network sim that it came with?
Do you want to make it a universal modem? Then search no more because the solution is just some lines below.

3g Modems are usually locked or configured to accept just one network sim ie the one it came with(if you just bought an MTN huawei modem it is bond to accept ONLY an MTN sim card untill it is unlocked and configured to accept other network sim cards)

    Take for instance the network you are currently has a network failure you can easily swap sim cards and use another one with a better network coverage.
Secondly, you can easily swap sims to browse free depending on the current network cheat that is available.

                                           How to Unlock the Modem

You need the Imei number of the modem before you can unlock it and this number can be found at the back of the modem.
Go to the unlocking software that you downloaded and insert the Imei code. Once the code is inserted it will generate two numbers.
          1. The Unlock code
          2. The Flash code
When you have gotten the unlock code Insert a different sim into the modem(ie if its a glo modem insert an Mtn sim) and connect the modem to your Pc.(Don't 4get 2 write the code down somewhere)

>> You will then see a pop up telling you to insert Unlock code. (All you need do is insert the code you wrote down)

Congrats the Modem has been unlocked!!!!

Step 2... You have to configure your system to accept the new sim card....
  • Go back to the Glo or Mtn page and do the following
    >> Options
    >> Profile Management
    >> If you are gonna use an MTN sim under profile name Type MTN Ng
    >> web
    >>Apn= Static=
    >> Access Number *99 #
    >>User name=web
    >> password=web
    >> Go to the homepage and connect

    Cheers!!! You are good to go.

    If you don't have the imei number send a message to my phone and i will send it to you(But charges may apply) or post it as a comment and i will post it there for you...

    You could make money with this info. Are you are student in the university? You could charge your friends a fee to unlock theirs for them.

    "Information is power"

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