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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Beware of deadly success

He had a dream, a dream to become to become the best in all business attempts, he was so desperate to become the best in all he does. He denied himself pleasurable moments, he dug and dug until he got to where the gold lay. He never gave up no matter what and finally he became the head of the World's greatest monopoly, His name is Ivar Krueger but not long after his great achievements he committed suicide.

Yes!!! Suicide, but why would he kill himself after much achievements??? That i don't know.  Success is good, success is tasty but it can be very bitter when it comes from the wrong source. As i read and write these posts to motivate you make money do not forget to motivate yourself to travel through the right road too grab gold.

You see many guys drive flashy cars, wear the latest cloths in town, get the finest girls and go to the biggest parties in town. There is every tendency that you want to be like them, enjoy life as they do but you do not know the source of their wealth, you don't even know if really they are enjoying their wealth deep down.

I met some guys of recent who are really catching the groove in their early 20s with some hundred thousands in their accounts still in the University, and i got close to them because i wanted to live large too but only to find out that how they get their money isn't worth doing. Some guys goes into Yahoo Yahoo to get the early cash they want at the expense of someone's life, Happiness or freedom.

Is it worth it???  You make money today, enjoy it for a week and the next week you start running from law enforcements. To me that's Bull shit.
Don't forget  
"Money is not all to live for though essential but don't let it drive you Knots"
It all most drove me knots. 

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