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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Starting an sms short code business in Nigeria.

Short code business is another wealth making Scheme it is not a bulk sms (but a real sms if i should say) cus it makes money 100x as fast as bulk sms.
Let's take for instance you recieved a message like this. Text 026077 to 4100 to download the latest Naija songs. N50/download and you did text 026077 to 4100 immediately N50 gets deducted from your phone DO you know that the N50 that was deducted goes immediately into the account of the owner of that short code? OK Now say 20,000 people in Naija recieved that same message and 10,000 text back and N50 gets deducted from their phone HOW MUCH do you think was made by the owner of that Short code LET'S do the maths together 10,000 x 50 = N500,000. That is 500k instantly to your account. (Jeez that's huge)

                                           Getting started as a Beginner

Getting a shoet code Biz started needs a little or no special skill, however you may need some info that would help you get your short code up and running immediately. There are many short code rules that are currently not being followed but however NCC mat insist on them later. But i think it's good to know some of them as a beginner.

                                             Advantages of the Short Code Biz in Naija
>> You send a message at N2.50k each and make N50 for on reply
>> Very stress free
>>Very Cheap
>> Very Fast
>>You can get intrested people who are willing to buy from Facebook
>> Many more


I have made a provision of  tested and trusted skill that have worked for other short code marketers that attracted thousands to there short code biz...
Tested and Trusted i said, many short code marketers have tried this out and it worked  so i decided to buy this info from them.

I have a well packaged E-book "What you need to know about Short code business in Nigeria" I have outlined the detailed info on skills to attract people to your Short code biz and i have also outlined useful info concerning short code like

>>Words and meaning in Short code biz
>>Requirements for Beginners in Short code biz
>>Marketing strategies that has worked successfully
>>How to get CPC approval for your short code
>>List of SMS advertsing consultants that can help you craft messages that will sell in no time
>> Many more
I think you should see for yourself.
                                           How to get this E-book
 I sell this manual for a give away fee of N5,000 as a stand alone but due to the aim of My building this blog to help Nigerian youths out of poverty i have package it and other 19 well constructed manuals for a give away price of N3,000.(Get the list of books from My post on My Contribution to Nigeria) you can also get payment info there...


I hope you found this info helpful