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Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to get a Free UK number in mins.

Wow!!! I love Naija boys as nothing is impossible for them to do using the internet. Even the people that created the computer are scarred of them. A new method has been discovered to make and recieve calls from the Uk for a very cheap amount and sometimes even free. Just like we make Night calls from MTN to MTN free thats how they make theirs 2 but not at night...
Getting a Uk number is quite easy, reliable, Fast, Efficient, doesn't waste time connecting and above all getting it is free asin Absouletly free...
You dont need to have an extra phone for this, you don't need an extra sim card for this...

                                          What you Need to make this possible
        An Internet Connection
        A nigerian number and
       A software to hide your Ip like Freedom.

                                                         Get started

Connect the freedom but change the setting to ems 12( dats a Uk Ip)Click to download Freedom
Because Nigerian Ip is not accepted so if you must get the number ot must be through a Uk Ip

Once it is connected you can now connect to the net.

Once you are connected to the net visit to get the number registered and active.
*There are other sites that you can get this stuff done through but i prefer open Telecom because there numbers are unique eg +447011151126 (that's my own number)

Once you the homepage comes up click on 070x mobile call and fill the forum.

Once done filling the form click on the submit button,your new uk number display on the screen and within the next few mins your num will be activated.

Congrats your UK number has been created.

Easy!!!!! Abi?