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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Master security code calculator for Nokia Phones

Nokia phones comes with a default code which when enabled gives the owner full control of the phone. This code is to be entered whenever the phone is turned on or the sim card is changed, this feature enables the owner of the phone block or restrict access to their personal information or data like Phone numbers, Call logs, Sms and lots more. The default code is usually 12345 or 0000 as the case maybe (This code varies depending on the service provider)

Many people who enables this lock code to protect their phones forget this codes in the long run depending on how complex it seems to be (Many people not all) and are asked to flash the phone thereby losing there already stored details in the phone.

The Slimb Team decided to carry out a research on how to successfully break this code without having to flash or restore the factory settings thereby loosing their entire details. In the process of this research  we came across a well developed software called Security master code calculator for Nokia phones.

All you need do is to enter  your IMEI number(which can be gotten by typing *#06#) and it will generate a master security code that you will use to unlock the phone. You can find the security master code here, but don,t forget to check the compatibility list first...


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  1. Thanks for your information. I got free master reset code for my nokia 6310 mobile from this site


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