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Friday, January 06, 2012

Tips to extend your Blackberry battery life

The number of Blackberry users increases daily as the day goes by. As every Nigerian Youth wants to be a proud owner of a Blackberry Phone whether good or bad especially girls(abi na lie?) Every girl wants her boyfriend to buy her a BB phone to enable them join the ever increasing number of Pingers not minding the stress and fault attached to having the BB phone.

if you take closer look at owners of BB phones there is usually a Nokia phone beside them. This is because the Blackberry battery can't last long enough to carry them  through out the day.  These are 8 awesome tips that can help you use your battery through out your day without the help of a Nokia phone.

Tip 1
                    Use WIFI when available, turn it off when not...

WIFI seems to be the biggest influencer of battery on BB. This seems to be a great feature of WIFI enabled phones but it is also a big time battery consumer, So whenever it is not in use kindly disable it to maximize your battery life cause WIFI when enabled searches for network thereby draining the battery life of your device.
Summary: If you have need for the WIFI  service and it is available, Use it but if not turn it off.
To disable WIFI

On your Home screen Click on Network  Settings
Uncheck the WIFI box
Tip 2
Dim the backlight
When a device is put on the backlight brightness is put at 70% at default thereby making it possible for you to have a greater feel of your BB. However this is also a greater batterry drainer as the extra juice required to keep the screen fully lit drain the battery.I will suggest you turn on your screen backlight down even just a bit will save a min.
to get a better battery life you may turn your brightness to about 10% though this may seem dark but at the first you are gonna feel the impact.

To adjust the backlight
go to option>display>screen display
scroll to backlight timout or 10sec (or which ever you like)

Tip 3
                             Turn your bluetooth of when not in use
 Bluetooth is one great future of smartphones, it let you connect to other devices to exchange data.
however when the bluetooth is left on without been in use it slowly drains the baterry meter of your device.

To disable bluetooth
Go to network setting on your home screen
Uncheck the bluetooth

Tip 4
                          Change Network Setting in Poor Covrage Area
  When in poor covrage area it is adviced that you change your network settings or disable it if need be.
you can change it from 3G/H+ down to 2G. This drops your 3G down to a slower 2G. This may seem odd but it is also a great way to get you an hour or 2 with your BB alive.

  To change to 2g

Go to Network Settings
Tab on Network and connections
Mobile Connections
Choose Network Mode, then 2g

Tip 5

Charge Your device smartly( or buy an extra battery)

Try charging your device whenever you have the chance for those that has an hour or 2 as off duty. For those that are always on the go and think there device can't take them through the day, i will recommened an extra battery as the case may be.

Tip 6

Change your app freshness regularly

Some installed apps runs in the background of your device thereby reducing the battery life of your device. For apps that has refreshness you can easily set it to refresh at an hour interval or turn it off. as it is the best idea to extend your battery life instead of leaving it at the default time of 5mins.

Tip 7

Close unused Apps

Allowing unused apps to run in the background of your device is another proven way to drain your battery life fast. You can save your device somw extra mins/hours by simply closing Unused apps.

Press and hold the Menu button to open the app switcher
Highlight the app you want to close
When highlighted tab the menu button again to shutdown(exit, logout the app)

Tip 8

Use the Auto on/off feature

This feature is useful in saving battery life as well as switching your device off. NOTE: When this device is enabled you won't be able to recieve calls, sms, mms etc as it is almost the same as turning the device off but in a different way.

To enable this feature
Select options>device> Auto on/off
Choose when you want the device to come on or go off(eg 11pm-8am).

Now you can ping for hours, leave our Nokia Phones for us

One Love

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