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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Showing 2go keypad on Blackberry

Since most people see using 2GO App as a Problem on their Blackberry Phone, We have decided to post this article to help the too many blackberry users who are still having problems with their BB and 2go..

Taking a closer look we have discovered that the main problem with 2GO App on Blackberry phone is mainly the Issue of not connecting to the Internet or 2GO not showing the Keypad on Blackberry Storm 1 and 2. So we have put this article together to help our BB followers and friends.
          To make 2go work well on your BB, follow this simple steps

Goto Menu > Options > Advance Options > TCP/IP, then fill in the Info into your Settings as seen below!
+ Tick “APN settings enabled” and input this in the APN:
+ Tick “APN Authentication
+ Username for APN: web
+ Password for APN: web
+ Then press Menu key > Save.

              Steps to make your BB Storm 1 & 2 display 2go keypad

For BB 1& 2 users follow the simple steps to make 2go Keypad show on your  screen
Goto Menu > Options > Applications, locate 2go interaction > press Menu key, Click on enable Compatibility Mode > Menu key > Then Save...
The Keypad will appear and you can start using 2GO on your Storm 1 and 2.
This is not a new stuff but we decided to post this for those who are still find it difficult.
2go is a different app from BBM so it doesn't connect with your monthly BIS, you have to subscribe to a plan on a Network(MTN,AIRTEL ETC) or recharge
Oya flex your 2go joor.

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