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Monday, December 26, 2011

Make 150% gain sending Bulk sms in Nigeria.

Hey here is a new post on how to make 150% gain by sending bulk sms for your clients. I make 150%-200% gain sending bulk sms for churches, companies, schools, hospitals, wedding invitations and lots more. Let me go straight to what I mean by making 150%-200% gain from sms sending.
An sms unit is sold between 50k – 1.85k depending on how many units you buy.
Now let’s say you bought 1000 units at #1850(ie #1.85k for 1) any you are given an sms by a church to send to over 500 people and you charge #5 for each sms how much do you think you just made by sending that sms to the 500 members of the church?

                                            Lets do the maths together.
                          (5=the amount you charge per number)
                         (500= number of church members  you sent to)
                         (2500=the amount paid to you for sending the sms)

That’s you just made #2500 for sending to just 500 people and don’t forget you have 500 units let. If after sending to 1000 people you get to make #5000.                
Woow!!! can you beat that? You just made a gain of #3150. Isn’t that more and 150% gain?????????????
You can get more info on Bulk sms sending in my e-book How to make 150% gain in bulk sms sending.

                                       What u get to know from the book
·  A-z on bulk sms sending
·  Ho
w to get clients to hire you
· T
he best site to register and buy sms units at a cheaper rate(50k)
 How you can make #10000 in your first week as an sms provider
What clients want in their sms provider
 And many more..
To get this book view my post about My contribution to Nigeria


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