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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Alternatives to goggle adsense on your website or blog.

Do you have a blog or a website and you want to use it as a source of income. Then carefully read through this article carefully.

When it comes to web site or blog monetization, to get the most out of your site traffic, but not diminish the overall user experience on your web site. Google Adsense has been a world of wonders for not only internet marketers and those who know how to make money online, but also for the mommy bloggers and everyone in between. Google Adsense is successful not only because it works, but also because it’s so easy to setup and install.

However, just because everyone knows “Google”, it doesn’t mean they are the only ad service, or even the best game in town for when it comes to web site traffic monetization. Instead, let’s focus on a few other revenue generating programs that can help you make more money with your web site or blog, yet still keeping your content targeted and not over flowing your site with banner ads.   Let’s take a look on the other well paying sites apart from google Partner Program

One of my first and very successful methods for making money online, was with In the earlier days of their associates program, you would earn anywhere from 5-15% commission on any sales referred from your site. Now there is a wide range of commissions, all the way down to 1%, as margins are thinner on, as well as them carrying millions of more products.

The concept of Amazon’s partner program is simple. You join at their site, grab some lines of code to display any specific products on their site, then if anyone clicks on these links/images from your site and purchases through, you will earn a commission. Amazon will then send you out a monthly payme nt, while you don’t have to worry about processing any orders. .

The great thing about pushing on your site, is that it blends in extremely well if you are talking about a specific topic or product (ie: movies, books, games). Since already has millions of online customers, it doesn’t take much for them to click on an Amazon link and buy something, further increasing your conversions and revenue generating process.

Contextual Advertising

Do you want to make money with your web site or blog, but worried about how your visitors will feel about banner ads spread through out your site? If so, then one of your best options is to go the contextual advertising route. Ad networks like Kontera’s INTENTClick, have a built in ad system that will monitor the content on your web site and replace any relevant text with an advertiser link. When a visitor hovers over one of these contextual links, they will see a popup window within the browser and can choose to click on the link, or continue reading through your site.

The benefits of contextual advertising isn’t just that you will save yourself from banner space, but all of the advertising is built in and already relevant to your content. As the site owner, you would then earn a commission or revenue on a pay per click model. If you are running a wordpress site, many contextual networks have a wordpress plugin that makes it extremely easy to get up and running. If you have a regular html or database driven site, you just need to grab a line of code, and the contextual networks will do the rest.

Affiliate Marketing

Take the best of Amazon’s partner program, throw in a little contextual marketing… and you get something similar to affiliate marketing on web sites. Just like you can create links and content on your site based around products, you can do the same for affiliate marketing based products. And similar to how contextual links don’t take up any banner space, you can search out relevant content on your blog, then link them to the best affiliate program out there.
The concept of affiliate marketing is simple, you refer traffic to web sites and get paid a commission every time an action, lead or sale takes place. From getting paid a couple dollars for someone taking a survey, a dollar for a game install or even up to $50+ per customer who requests a free weight loss trial. Affiliate marketing has all the potential in the world.

How do you find the best affiliate offers out there, and partner with big name brands? Affiliate networks have done all of that for you. Simply join an affiliate network, place their links on your web site and all of the tracking and payments are done on their end. Networks like RevenueStreet and others will actively search out for the best offers, contact the advertisers and handle all payment. As an affiliate to the networks, you just have to drive quality traffic and leads. To find a quality affiliate program that’s right for you, look through’s Affiliate Program Directory.

How will you further monetize your web traffic?

The days of throwing up a web site and loading it up with ad banners and hoping for the best are over. Through the use of quality affiliate networks and ad services, you can pick and choose how you want to market and generate revenue through your web site. Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone with a web site and traffic, can partner up with some of the biggest brand names in the world.

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