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Friday, December 23, 2011

Making money through Youtube

I have been on this research for a very long time(how to make money through youtube but to no avail not until Last night when I stumbled on a report by a blogger on how to make money on youtube without even being a partner on youtube. WOW!!!CAN YOU BEAT THAT? GUESS NO…  I was so excited that I can’t wait to share this new discovery for you to see. I haven’t really tried it but I promise to once I get this article posted. Let’s get started already…

Being a partner isn't the only way to make money from  your YouTube channel, there are many other ways to make money through YouTube, and i will show you how...

Step 1123
Make your YouTube account and figure out what most people already know; the people on the most subscribed list are making a lot of money. They get promoted by YouTube and are able to capitalize on making funny or informative videos, but you don't need to be on that list to make good money.

Step 2
Find the latest videos posted by the most famous YouTubers, and make responses that are funny, sarcastic and/or cynical that relate directly to that video. If the youtuber likes it he may favorite it or even mention you in one of his videos. Favorites help because they post to the youtubers channel and it's like free advertisement.

Find the latest Top Videos, and Viral videos and make a video as soon as possible to them. People will be clicking on videos they find related to those videos and your can be one of them. Make sure the videos are related and include the parts i stated in the 2nd step.

Step 4
Once you have built up a good base of viewers, you can start a blog. People who are subscribed to you and see that other people are interested in you will want to know more about what you can offer. Start a free blog and post a few updates and once you do, add Google Adsense so you can have ads next to your blogs. Adsense pays for clicks on their ads through your website.

Step 5
Once you have set up your ads, make a video response to a popular video like before, but at the add a link to your blog. Be very specific about this. Tell them something along the lines of "Don't forget to check out my blog, Link in the sidebar, to find out what else happened" make it fit with the video you are responding too and post a link to your blog in the sidebar.

The more times you promote your blog in your videos, the more people will visit your blog and be more interested in it. Make sure to keep your blog updated with short posts that can be related to the videos you post so you can have some credibility with your viewers.

Step 7
You can see revenue roll in as early as the first day you send people to your site. Depending on how fast your subscribers list grow you can earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month through adsense, and all of this is done without being a partner.

Step 8
Now you can always apply for partnership when you have at least 500 subscribers and have adsense ads put up next to your videos, but this is way to earn money without having to be a partner because some people with over 1500 subscribers still aren’t allowed in the program…

Hope you found this report  helpful…