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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stop unwanted messages from Facebook

We often receive unwanted messages from not just facebook but from some other websites that we visit and submit our email addresses to. After some time you find out that the messages are bugging or space consuming. Take for instance when you get registered a Facebook account and you were asked to put in an email address, which you did. After a month's time or there about you begin getting bugging messages from facebook, like when a friend comments on your Post, you get an email, when someone accepts your friend request you get an email and when ever any action is  carried out in your  account you get an email. Supposing you have 2000+ friends imagine how many emails you will get from facebook per day, hahahaha out of 5000 messages in your inbox 4900 of them are from Facebook.

                                    To stop this, follow the simple steps below
If you are using Yahoomail, Login in to your yahoo account as shown below   

 As you can see in my account i have 3719 unread mails, but can you guess how many is from my business partners? and how many is from unwanted subscribers like facebook and Playboy. I just have 1000 mails from business associates and the rest from facebook and co. This is bugging how can i sit down and read over 2000+ junk emails.

Click on Options as shown in the pix below

After Clicking on mail options which is shown in the pix above and a new page comes up, Select "Blocked Address" which you can find at the left side of the Page. Now you have to add the email address that you want to block, after typing the email click on the add button.   

Once you have entered the email address correctly(See how mine is typed) Save it

Watch out for my next Post on how to set up Auto Responder in your email address.

One Love!!!

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