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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Becoming a Professional web designer is the first step to your career stair-step to becoming more relevant and demand gets higher because you choose to take your career to another level. Most people in the industry often forget that before any company/organization or individual will pay you for a design job, they would need to see your professionalism on your own personal website or a reference from other design jobs you’ve done!

First step to this is to take the time to perfect your personal website and include this in all proposals you will submit and if you have any partner in the design industry that you exchange ideas together, you could also take his/her permission to include such profile with yours for getting that JOB out of competition.

Understand that you are not alone in the industry therefore work hard enough to improve your design daily.

Step 1

Qualify yourself as a PRO.

Step 2

Research & Study the industry/business of your client.

Step 3

Submit your proposal with some FREE benefits attached to your package.

Step 4

Do a Mini site for your presentation when defending your proposal based on your research of the company/individual.

Step 5

During your submission of proposal and defending, show professionalism by registering that you understand the industry and the services they render (based on your research)

Step 6

Join professional bodies and get reference from your previous clientele to include in your proposal.

Step 7

Follow up & follow through!

NOTE: This is for Professional Website Developers

Hey this is a signed sealed and delivered tip for getting design jobs for those of us that has chosen to make money by designing websites for companies and other organisations as the case may be. This is one of my GET THE JOB GUIDE in my E-BOOK "HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A STUDENT/YOUTH. You can get details about this book in My E-book Section. It is a working Offline Tip to make money no matter your age bracket.
If you are interested in designing websites but don't know how to you can contact me for help. I will tell you some websites that you can get videos which will guide you through the process.

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