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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Monitor a Phone from any Location in the world

Do you have a girlfriend, boyfriend or enemy that you would want to know the details of every call he/she made? Know what sms was sent to him/her and from who? OR better still Know where the person is without your having to look into his/her phone???

                               I am going to share with you an easy means to::::

  Know about every call made by anybody you want to track
Know The details of every text message the person receives(Including senders name,number,Details of text etc)
Know the position of the person(Where he/she is at the moment)

This is a Phone Hacking trick am going to share with you for free, i paid over N20k to learn this trick am going to share with you here for FREE.

                                            Who can learn this trick?   
Absouletly anybody can learn this trick, Asin a boy, girl, 15 year old child or whosoever can login to a computer via the internet(If you can login to facebook then sure you can do this simple trick).
You do not need to learn any trick because i have learnt the trick and have broken it down for your understanding.

                             All you need for this to work are

A software which am going to tell you where to download it from
Your bluetooth enabled phone.
An Internet connection
The person's phone you want to track(Get hold of the Phone just once)

                                                      Let's get started Already

Download a software called Mobile Spy  Click to Download
>>Install the software into your phone
>>Register the software(this is what you will use to login to view the details)
>>After registration the software would be up and running.
>>Get the phone you want to track and send the installed software by bluetooth.(Once it is accepted in the other phone you are good to go)

After sending the software to the phone, all you need do is go to and login with your details.
Every call made by the number in the tracked phone shows,including sms sent and every other...

NOTE>> The software is not compatible with all phones   List of Compatible Phones

But the software isn't free thou, you have to pay a little amount for it...

If you know the importance of this, then i don't think buying the software is a hard one.

For those who want to get it for free you can follow this blog and i promise in little or no time you will get it in your e-mail...

Got questions,Suggestions or anything else??? Drop it in the comment box...

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