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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hacking your details in a Cafe...

Beware as it has come to the notice of the admin board of Slimb Publication that some dubious people has found an easy way to get whatever details they want from any body by the use of Keylogger Hardware.

Some dubious guys have gotten a means of stealing people's info via a hardware called Keylogger, if this hardware is inputed into a system it saves all information that is typed into that system. For those that browse in the cafe regularly always be on the look out for an attached hardware at the back of the CPU...               
As this may result in the hacking of your personal details including Bank transactions, Facebook details, etc

It also has a Usb format, in which info can be stollen from your PC              

It is also in a software means...... So be careful else loose your details to Dubious guys.

Hope this Info helped...

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