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Monday, January 02, 2012

Using More than one Operating System On One Pc

If you are a big time user of system applications, I think this article is a must read for you. I have been receiving calls from people of latetrying to confirm if I could help them with a Multiboot configuration(Configure their system to use more than one OS ). I did explain step by step to each and every one of them but only about 10% got the configuration right. So instead of  doing this on phone there by wasting their credit and my time I have decided to post it here for anybody that is interested to see.

This is like unlocking a modem and using more than one sim card in it.    The only difference is that your system is not locked. If your computer's hard disk has adequate free disk space, you can install more than one operating system, and then choose which one to use when you start your computer. This is called a multiboot or dual-boot configuration, and it requires partitions on your hard disk.

Why have more than one operating system?              

You might decide to create a multiboot configuration if you have programs or devices that only work with older versions of Windows.

 Multibooting can also be useful for testing programs or devices that work on Windows Vista for compatibility with Windows 7.
Instead of buying another system with a Linux operating system you can configure your system to use both. (I am presently using 3 operating system on my PC)…

It doesn’t waste time…. When you want to use one of those programs or devices, restart your computer and then choose the operating system that you want to use. (As simple as ABC)

How does a multiboot configuration differ from an upgrade?

Upgrading replaces your old Windows operating system with a newer version. Setting up a multiboot system installs another operating system alongside your current operating system so that you can use either operating system.

Drawbacks of multibooting

Multibooting requires separate partitions on your computer's hard disk for each operating system. If you're running one operating system, you can't run a program installed on another operating system. You'll need to install programs on each operating system that you want to use them in. You must restart your computer each time you want to switch to a different operating system.
You also need to install the oldest operating system first, which can be frustrating if you want to add an earlier operating system (for example, you're currently running Windows 7, but you want to add Windows Vista or Windows XP).

Please NOTE

Installing an earlier version of Windows after a more recent version is already installed can render your system inoperable. This can happen because earlier versions of Windows do not recognize the startup files used in more recent versions of Windows and can overwrite them.

This is an Intro thou, I will outline the steps on how to configure the multiboot in my Next post (but I may not give full details because that would be too bulky as I have to explain step by step to avoid errors but I have pains takingly  made a step by step E-book with picture guide to guide you through the entire process of Multibooting…. Titled ” The Power of using more than one Operating System”
On a stand alone the book Is sold at #4500 but as part of My contribution to Nigeria i will include it to my Special offer package.
                                   Why Buy the Book
You could buy the book, read the book, learn from the book and Configure Other people’s system for an agreed amount.
You could also sell the manual and keep the money to yourelf.

You can see how to get the book on  My E-book section.

“If you think Education is expensive try ignorance”

Hope you found this article helpful???