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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Print Recharge cards in Nigeria

There are two types of recharge cards in Nigeria viz:

Paper: In this type of card production only recharge pins are designed on paper and sold,common amongst us is the 100 & 200 vouchers and sometimes 400. This type of card production is usually carried out amongst individuals as it is not expensive to start up.

Plastic: This is not commonly produced by individuals due to the fact that  the equipments are very expensive to obtain and some other reasons. Follow the next few steps to get your paper vouchers production on.

To start up your card production, you need to sign up with a Merchant(a person who sells you codes/pins and other necessities) You can signup with a Merchant around as they are not far from you.
TIP: Confirm the merchants ability before making payments, check the recharge card printing guide for a detailed list of trusted Merchants around.

You require items like a Computer(Laptop or Desktop), a Software, printer and a start up capital of 30k(This items depend on the kind of merchant you decide to use).
TIP: Getting a PC is not compulsry as you can use a cyber cafe, but it is better you get a PC as it is more safe and secure.

Once this items are gotten you are good to go, the process is not hard once you get the software you will be able to use it. Now you need to learn how to market recharge cards profitably, don't take this for granted cus this is what will make or mar you in your bid to make money from recharge card printing, remember no matter how lucrative a business opportunity is your marketing strategy is primarily responsible for it's success or failure. That means you are going to determine how successful your business is based on your marketing drive. Your market strategy in recharge card selling should be based on one thing to drive sales.

NOTE: Recharge card profit is volume driven and you can be profitable in it if your sale strategy is volume driven too.
You need to have as much information you can lay your hands on to make your biz more successful, the market is huge and unending but it is your sole aim to explore it.
I advice that you start the business with the amount you have and avoid borrowing to start.

One Love!!!
Make ona help me beg ASSU oooooo.

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