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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Job Opportunity

I have decided to throw this Job opportunity at the feet of my fellow students over Africa. This job opportunity could be yours if you meet the simple requirements that are listed below.
If you have noticed i don't post pictures of my E-books when i put them up for sell and even the one i placed in my E-book page is not very attreactive as i would like it to be. The fact is that i can modify it to look as beautiful as i want it to with the help of E book softwares but i have decided to let this go.

This is an opportunity for an average student to make money by helping me design an e-book cover for my e-books. And for each e-book cover created i will pay an agreed amount of money into the person's account or a any other form agreed.

Must be a Follower of his Blog.(Which can be done by using the follower widget in the sidebar)
Must be sure that he/she can render the required service.

This is rendered on a first come first serve basis.
It is open to all Africans

If you are Intrested you can send a message in this format  ebook cover, Name, Country to 2348101503805
Ebook cover, John, Nigeria to 2348101503805
One Love...
With time more opportunities would be available so be on the watch out.

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