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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hide your IP while Browsing

I guess must of us value our security and Privacy much more than anything else.  Visiting must websites with your IP displayed may not be a very wise idea as it may be a great avenue for some bad guys to break into your system.Some details like your browser, geographical region and other personal information.
  I don't like the idea of my personal details been displayed when i visit some websites and i belive must of you guys out there don't like the idea as well. So i have decided to share this gist with you guys, How to visit websites with an Unknown IP or Anonymous IP as the case maybe.

  In the next few lines and minutes i will be gisting about a Web based Proxy Server called Ninjacloak. This is a web based proxy server that allows you to view  those websites that displays your IP as anonymous or Unknown. Thereby hiding and securing your Personal details.
                                                     How to use this service.

To use this service all you need to do is go to, once you have accessed the site do scroll down until you find a box where you can type in the website that you want to visit.

That is That, you just saved your details from been seen by Unknown people. I will be sharing about Using Freedom to display whatever country IP you want in my Next post, so be alert.

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