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Thursday, December 22, 2011


   Opening a USA bank account in Nigeria seems unbelievable...
   I mean how possible is it to open a USA bank account right here in Nigeria?
   and not only that,you be able to withdraw from that account right here in Nigeria for FREE!

   u are if interested, Let's roll.

   To open a USA bank account is possible using the service of virtual money inc.
   Their website is
   Unfortunately due to the way their service is designed you cannot
   Open a USA account with them directly except through their agents that is located in your

   So what you need to do is to look for the agent that works with Virtual Money Inc
   so that you can open your USA account through them.
   And their agent that does that in Nigeria is SPRING BANK PLC:

   LOG on look for virtual money card on the right side of the website and click on it.

   Now for you to set-up your virtual money card you will need any of the followings:


   [1]International passport AND National ID card
   [2]International passport AND Drivers License
   [3]Drivers License OR National ID Card.

   The sum of $50 [Naira will be accepted]. With this money,the sum of $10
   will be used to set-up the card and the remaining balance will be use to fund your

   The interesting thing about this is that you will be able open the account and get the card the same day!.
   Not only that you will also be handed other documents that you will need like: your pin number. e.t.c.

   Once spring bank gives you the card which is called a VMI card. Go back to and login your details.

   From there you will activate your account and once that is done, it means you automatically:

   On the card that you are given there are sixteen numbers on it.
   To get your US Bank account Number, you will have to count from digit one to digit number seven.
   Discard those digits and then write 8.

   After writing 8 write the remaining numbers that are after the digit one to digit
   seven that you have discarded. Those are your us bank account number!.

   That means if your card number was 1234567918234562. You will need to
   discard 1234567 and then write 8918234562. That will be your US ACCOUNT NUMBER.

   Don't worry once you card gets activated the company will send you a more
   detailed information and step by step guide on what i just explained.

   Also to verify your paypal account using this method, you will need to go back
   to your paypal account and click on” add a bank account”.

   Follow the steps, you are using a checkings account and your routing number at all time is: 103102892.
   Once the account is added, you have also been able to successfully verify your paypal account right here in Nigeria.


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